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Mobile Light Tower

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320kVA & above available on request

Mobile Light Tower

Technical Details
  • Rating: 5kVA~250kVA
  • Mobile light tower with seven, nine meter mask.
  • Mobile light tower with two, four wheel trolley available.
  • Trolley with three, four jacks and towing hook
  • Light tower with option of four, six luminaries available.
  • Lighting mast can be tilted upto 180 deg
  • Luminaries can be rotated 360 deg to provide light in any direction
  • Light tower from 10KVA-20KVA available
  • Output sockets for auxiliary power output can be provided.
  • International style and design
  • Fuel efficient engines & Easy maintenance


CSH Silent DG Sets using AL engines manufactures environment friendly generating sets from 5kVA~250kVA, suitable for constructions sites, road and railway projects, disaster sites, mining areas, airports etc. CSH silent generators features international design and are fuel efficient & environment friendly.


• Silent DG sets
• Fuel efficient
• International design
• Environmental friendly
• Low maintenance cost